3 Ways to Look More Pulled Together

You’re jumping in the car to head to a meeting. You’re running 7 minutes late because the dog stole a flip-flop and you had to chase her down before she created her own medical emergency.

And you feel like you look…meh. 

That meh feeling sits in the back of your brain and just sort of bubbles. 

When you get to the meeting, 

  • you apologize for running late, 
  • and you apologize for the way that you look, 
  • and you make a joke about pulling your outfit off of your closet floor after doing the sniff test.

Because, #BusyLife 


But really? You’re making the joke because you feel self-conscious about your outfit. 

So you deflect with humor.

It’s a solid social strategy, the “make a joke to deflect” strategy.

But aren’t you ready for a better way?

There are easy steps you can take to avoid that self-conscious “meh” feeling that weighs on your brain and your energy.

What you’re experiencing is not #BusyLife

What you’re experiencing is a style rut.

All you need is a bit of new knowledge and a couple of new pieces to switch things up a bit to add interest and polish to your outfit. 

Even if you did just pick that outfit up off of your closet floor and smell it. #RealLife

Tip #1 Ditch Your Black Leggings

Look More Pulled Together

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-Black leggings are overdone, overworn, and boring.
-Black leggings signal that you’ve stopped trying.
-Black leggings say that you put zero effort in.
-Black leggings communicate to the people around you that you really don’t care about how you look.

Is that harsh? Maybe, but it’s also true.

Women reach for the black leggings for 3 reasons:

  1. Leggings always fit, no matter how bloated you are or how much queso you ate. Your black leggings will stretch to accommodate.
  2. You think they make you look smaller or skinnier. (Hint: they really don’t.)
  3. You think that black provides a neutral base that goes with everything. (Hint: it does not.)

If your goal is to look more pulled together, there are so many better options to reach for instead of your black leggings. 

Also, take my advice and pitch/donate your black leggings NOW so that you can’t fall back into that style rut.

It’s sink or swim baby!

Jeggings: Looking for the comfort and forgiveness of stretchy fabric? Go for a jegging and top it off with a cozy sweater. You can step into easy flats, or a fun sneaker to continue the comfort, but elevate the style.

You’ll get the ease and stretch of a legging, but you’ll look like you’re dressed for the outside world, instead of for your couch.

Wide-legged pants: A comfy knit fabric gives you the feeling of ease while offering more options for color. Choosing shades in your ideal color palette means that the viewer’s eye skims across the body and sees a cohesive and balanced appearance. 

If you’re wearing black bottoms, but black isn’t a great color for you? It looks jarring and actually pulls attention to the thing (the black) that seems out of alignment with the rest of you.

Remember Stephanie’s 5th Rule of Style…”Dress for the body that you have today.”

In other words, if you don’t want people looking at your butt, make sure that your butt is in a pair of pants that works for your color palette. (Real talk from Stephanie)

Updated Joggers: A sleek, chic jogger looks modern and fresh. 

Newer technology fabrics are as soft as baby blankets and are waaaayyy more comfortable than lycra/spandex leggings. And there are dozens of colors and styles to choose from. Pair them with sneakers and a tee for an everyday look, or a blazer and fancy flats or heels for a special occasion.

Tip #2 Switch Out Your Apple Watch Strap

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Whichever genius engineer created the Apple Watch strap is…a genius. It’s sleek, waterproof, doesn’t rub or tug, and you can wash it with soap and water. 

And also…it’s kind of boring. 

Don’t get me wrong, your original watch strap is great to wear for your workout, but if you’re elevating your look? That silicone strap does not coordinate with your dress. Hard stop.

The best thing that genius engineer did was make the Apple Watch strap easy to remove and replace. Like, you can literally do it in 5 seconds easy.

Feeling playful and fun? Pop on a floral strap.

Feeling tweedy and fall-ish? Choose a brown leather braided strap.

Need something upscale to go with your cocktail dress? Slide in a colored enamel or metal strap. 

The point is to coordinate your strap with the feel of your outfit. It’s literally easier than popping in a pair of stud earrings.

Tip #3: Stop carrying a Worn-out Old Mom Bag 

Shop alternatives to your boring mom bag

I get it. I’m a mom and EVERYONE expects me to carry their stuff. 

Gum? ✅
Power cable? ✅
Snacks? ✅
Band-aids in case of blisters? ✅
Wet wipes? ✅

You’ve probably got all of that and then some. But that doesn’t mean you have to keep carrying that same old bag that went out of style in 2019.

Think of your bags like you do your shirts. You need choices for different outfits and occasions.

My strategy for keeping the stuff I need handy and organized? A variety of smaller pouches that I can toss from one bag into another; including a makeup pouch, a technology pouch, a sunglasses pouch, and a wallet.  And of course, there’s a pen and kleenex permanently stashed in every bag because I might be a big boss, but I’m still a mom.

Will you try these tips? Do you have a style struggle that you want advice on how to tackle? Drop a comment below and we’ll try and answer your question in a future blog post.

Thanks for reading, and remember that I’m always cheering you on!

Xo – Stephanie