Saving Your Thick Thighs From Distress with Spanx

Spanx provides more than just fabulous control for your booty. A great pair can save your inner thighs from the pain, and your heart from the hurt, of brutal chafing when you wear a skirt. Take a walk back to high school with me to find out when I discovered the power of Spanx to beat the summer heat.

Put yourself here:

  • The World’s Largest Fish Fry Parade. 
  • 85 degrees with 80% humidity in April.
  • Wearing only a black and gold sequined bodysuit and sneakers
  • Dancing and twirling a baton for MILES on a black asphalt road that intensifies and radiates that heat right back up onto you.

That was me in high school.

My big-girl-thick-thighs were, ummmm, extra marinated with sweat. 

And by the end of that celebration of the joy that is fried catfish, the inside of my thighs were chafed raw from thigh rub.


And get this….the whole sequin body suit/thigh rub experience was repeated year after year for: the World’s Largest Strawberry Festival Parade, and the World’s Largest Teapot Celebration Parade. 

It’s Tennesse in the Spring. It’s what we do. 🤷‍♀️

Me, on the far right, in high school, before I discovered hair mousse.

If you’re a real life woman without a thigh gap, then you know that sticky, icky feeling of thigh rub on a hot day. Or, really any Tuesday.

For years after I gave up the sequined body suits, I avoided skirts and dresses in hot weather because the thigh rub was just too much and too painful.

In the winter we had tights to protect our thighs. Why couldn’t we have an answer for the other 9 months of the year? 

(Hey-I grew up in the Steamy South where winter is more of a suggestion than a season.)

Then came Sarah Blakely and the genius of Spanx.

I’ll admit it, the first time I bought Spanx it was to tame my thick-thighs in a slinky skirt.  But then, THEN! I discovered that they had a magical secondary property.

Spanx eliminated the chafing from thigh rub. 

(And all the church ladies said Amen and hallelujah!)

Suddenly, with Spanx, the whole beautiful world of skirts and dresses opens up before you.

Your outfit choices are no longer constrained by whether you’ll be able to walk after the event because of raw skin.

(I know that it’s not a pretty picture I just put in your head, but it’s real life and if you’ve experienced it, you probably just took a sharp breath when your body remembered the trauma.)

Since 2000, Spanx has become the descriptor term for shorts-styled foundation wear for women.

Spanx for the summer

And in the 2 decades since the miracle of Spanx, other innovations have made the whole concept even better:

  • More companies began making their own version of what I now refer to as “girl shorts”
  • The fabric technology has become softer, cooler, and more about comfort than control
  • Real skintone colors of girl shorts are now available to match errybody’s skintone.

If you’ve only thought about Spanx, or girl shorts, as a control device for your rounder parts, here’s an invitation for you to think about them as a comfort for your soul.

Your juicy thighs are part of you and they deserve your love and care. Let’s embrace the body you have TODAY and dress it like the you that you want to show up as.

I’ve linked up a few of my favorite girl shorts that I have bought myself and recommend for my clients. All of these are on the low control side, so if you want more control and smoothing, drop me a note and I’ll make some different recommendations for you.

And one last thing, share this thick thigh story with your girlfriend. We need to talk about these real-life problems and tackle them together.

Want to share your fashion drama story or have a question about how to tackle a style problem? Drop a comment below.

Always cheering you on.

Xo – Stephanie