Doing the Thing: Pushing Past Week 2

How’s your New Year’s resolution going?

Still on track? Have you hit the wall yet? Given up completely?? 

I saw an article that said that most people give up on their plans by the 2nd Friday of January. So, roughly 2 weeks into the new year, most people have already quit on themselves.

But you’re not most people.

The difference between people who achieve, and people who just dream about it? 

It’s the doing. How are you doing??

At the end of 2020, I made a lot of promises to myself, but one important one is that every week of 2021, I would write one blog post for my new website. 

Truth is, I take that content and use it in lots of different ways, so the blog post sets the foundation for so much. (Mompreneur pro tip!)

Ideas aren’t the problem. The DOING is the struggle.

Isn’t’ it funny, that we almost always have enthusiasm and motivation in the early stages of a new project? The s*!t hits the fan when your motivation is gone and you have to CHOOSE to keep going. 

When it gets complicated, what do you choose?

Doing the new thing is easier when you set yourself up for success.  I’ve resorted to a few crazy hacks to make progress.

  1. Rearranged my schedule to try to clear 1 day a week with no Zoom calls, errands, or appointments. 
  2. Dug out those noise cancelling headphones that my kid was using for online school. That combined with a Spotify playlist helps to block out my husband taking a conference call in the next room, and the dog barking at every car that drives past our house.
  3. Tangerine Life Savers are life!? Okay, I pried them off of the roof of the gingerbread house that we made at Christmas, (#truth)  but sucking on a Life Saver helps me focus and relaxes the tension in my jaws. ?

So, 4 weeks into the year how am I doing? 

I’ve managed to get 1 blog post up every week, though sometimes it was 11:00 pm before I hit “publish”. I’m up to 4 new posts, by the end of February it’ll be 8, and the ideas are flowing more freely, so by the end of March I’ll probably have over 20 posts of content. That sounds like a solid blog to me!

Remember that phrase? “Done is better than perfect?”

That’s what you’ve gotta go with. ?

Get over your expectations about how you are going to complete your resolutions. It’s gonna be messy. In the beginning it might (will probably) be bad. It could be hard. 

But if you stick with it? It could be amazing.

So tell me, what’s your resolution, and how are you setting yourself up for success?

Because when you change something? Your resolution switches sides and becomes your reality.

???And I’m gonna be right here cheering you on.

Need help staying accountable? DM me!



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