Fall 2023 Wardrobe Challenge Week 4: Build + Analyze

Fall 2023 Wardrobe Challenge Week 4 - Build + Analyze

It’s week 4, the last week, of the challenge and this week we’re taking your refreshed style and first-class organized closet for a spin to create new outfits from what you already own, and we’ll identify what you need to make even MORE epic outfits.

If you’re just joining the Wardrobe Challenge, here are the links to Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3. You’ll get the best result from this style exercise if you complete every step in order. 

Don’t be shy about jumping into our community group and asking specific style questions that you have or requesting posts about topics you’re curious about.

Step 1: Build Your Outfits

Go back to your Pinterest board that you created in Week 1 and refined in Week 2. Look at those inspiration photos, then dig into your closet and see how you can put together similar outfits. 

You’re not recreating the outfit, but instead, you’re looking at the inspiration photo as a starting point and putting your spin on it.

Here’s an example. On the left is a photo of Jenna Lyons, the former head of J. Crew. I loved this suit look, so I tried to recreate it with what I had in my closet. That’s the photo on the right.

Jenna Lyons is tall, long, and lean. I’m average height and curvy. Her suit is probably silk satin. Mine is cotton corduroy. 

But it’s the idea of the deep v-neck jacket with the neutral layer underneath that inspired me.

What looks are you inspired to put together from your closet?

Step 2: Analyze What’s Missing

When you’re trying to put outfits together take note of what you need to finish your looks. Need a different top? Or maybe you need a great belt? 

100% of the clients that I work with need more shoe options to complete outfits that look finished and pulled together.

Intentional shopping is the best skill you can acquire to improve your style and make your clothing budget go further. 

There are lots of ways to create your list. 

  • Pen and paper is always a good option
  • The Stylebook app is a favorite of many women
  • AnyList is a general list-making app
  • Hue & Stripe is a virtual closet app that you get access to when you work with a professional stylist.

When you go shopping, only shop for the pieces that are on your list. Your goal is to be able to create beautiful, finished looks every single day.

Create 3 new outfits from pieces that you already have in your closet simply by trying new combinations than you’ve tried before. 

Snap a mirror selfie in your outfit and share it in our group to get the feedback of friends and inspire another woman!

What’s Next

Thanks for joining us in the 2nd SG Style Collective Wardrobe Challenge. 

You’ve got a fresh clean closet and a new viewpoint on your style. Where will it take you now?

I highly recommend repeating this process a couple of times a year, either with the What She Wore community or on your own. (Though it’s way more fun with friends!)  The clarity you’ll gain about your personal style is worth the effort you’ll expend. Plus, you’re gonna love your organized closet!

Would you do us a favor? Your thoughts are so helpful as we continue to refine the Wardrobe Challenge looking forward to next time that we share it with you. 

Would you share whatever thoughts you have? Here are some particular things I’d love to know:

  • Did you find this challenge useful? 
  • Were there parts that opened your eyes or made you think in a different way? 
  • What was particularly challenging for you? 
  • Are there other things that would be helpful to you?
  • Would you do this again?
  • Any particular takeaway that will stick with you?

Thanks for taking this ride with us and let’s do it again in 2024!

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Always cheering you on!

Xo – Stephanie