Looking for healthy dinner inspiration?

food arrayed on a countertop
All the fixings for Herb Sausages with Caraway Roasted Potatoes & Maple Mustard Dressing

Are you looking for ways to eat healthier in 2021, but after MONTHS of planning meals for your family, you’re not sure where to start?

Maybe my story sounds familiar to you…

If you’re like me, you spent most of 2020 cooking 3 meals a day for your family EVERY DAY (Thanks Stay at Home…LOL!) 

By last summer, I was definitely tapped out and needed some healthy meal inspiration. 

While I have a solid rotation of favorite recipes that we love, my creativity was plummeting in direct relationship to the amount of time I was spending in sweatpants.?

Enter Purple Carrot…

I’ve been curiously following the plant-based mealbox delivery company for years, so I decided it was finally time to give it a try. I popped onto their website and saw meals that looked so delicious they made my stomach grumble in anticipation!  From simple soups, to restaurant favorites that you can make in your kitchen, the variety of flavors inspired me.

Another bonus? We have a few food allergies to navigate and it was easy to see the ingredient list, and pick and choose the meals that are right for us.

Bonus-bonus? As a family of 3, 2 adults and 1 hungry teenage boy, we eat like a family of 4. :  ) I choose the meals that we want in quantities of 2, so we get 2 meals a week, each for 4 people. 

And here’s a tip, the servings are really big! We often have leftovers, so that means that someone gets a yummy lunch the next day. (That I don’t have to cook!) 

Trying to decide what to try? Lately, it seems like we’ve been craving comfort food, so the Chicken and Dumplings, and the Stuffed Sweet Potatoes have been perfect for cold winter nights.

food on a place
Vegan Chick’n and Dumplings with Oyster Mushrooms and Green Beans Yummmm

If you want to give Purple Carrot a try yourself, I’ve got a discount code for you. You can save $30 off of your first order through this link: Just click here and use the discount code carrot30

If your resolution is to get healthier in 2021, remember that you don’t have to be perfect. Every plant-based meal that you eat is a win for your body and the planet.  Purple Carrot is an easy shortcut to support you on your path to doing better.

And remember your goal is progress, not perfection. 






I can’t wait to see what you try and what you love! If you’re a meal photo taker and poster (no shame in that : ) tag me in your photo so that I don’t miss it!



 **I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, as a thank you for the introduction.

And the truth is, I would say these things even if Purple Carrot didn’t sponsor me. We just love it! The sponsorship is just fun sprinkles on top of my icing. : ) 

Don’t forget! To get $30 off of your first order click here and use the discount code Carrot30!

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