My Paris Packing List

We’re off to Paris! Here are the favorites from my Paris packing list.

My Paris Packing List

Maybe it’s revenge travel after being grounded at home during the pandemic, but Brad, Cooper, and I are on our 4th international trip in 24 months. 

Truthfully, part of this freedom comes from the fact that after 15 years of sandwich-generation caregiving for Brad’s sweet mom Polly, she passed away in August 2021. Now, we’re able to explore a bit farther away from home than we’ve felt able to before, so it’s a kind of mixed-up, bittersweet freedom, but I’m pretty sure that French chocolates and champagne are gonna make everything better. 

Here’s what I brought along…

  1. This linen dress will keep you feeling cool and breezy while you look chic. This dress was a huge splurge for me, but It’s been on regular rotation all summer and still looks as pretty as the day I bought it, so the CPW (cost-per-wear) ratio makes this a definite yes. This Reef color is sold out, but the Berry is still in stock. Make sure to size down because it runs a full-size large. Trust me.
  1. When you’re ready for brunch, sometimes you just want to grab a throw-on dress. Something that’s cool and breezy and doesn’t make you feel judged when you eat an extra crepe. Plus, it has pockets!!!
  1. Family Travel Journal – Our friend Rai gifted us this gorgeous journal that she hand-made for us to capture notes and memories from our trip. (See that she used an old map of Paris and Barcelona on the cover?!)  The book has 3 sections, 1 for each of us. Rai is the genius behind High Class Booker.
  1. Wanna put a bet on how many steps we get in on an average day in Paris? I’ve packed 2 pairs of sneakers to make sure that my toes stay happy. I have a huge crush on these Saysh shoes, partly because of the advocacy and amazingness of their creator Allyson Felix. The other part of the crush is on the chic, female-centric design. 
  1. You need a pair of modern sneakers you can wear with a dress.
  1. Speaking of dresses, get yourself a pair of girl shorts and wear them underneath.  The easiest way to eliminate thigh rub. Plus, they keep your parts coooooolll and un-sweaty. IYKYK
  1. This extra-luxurious silk and cashmere travel wrap is so chic and keeps you warm in cold airplanes or French cafes. Here’s a less-spendy, but still beautiful version. 
  1. This face sunscreen feels super-light and clean and doesn’t leave you looking shiny. A client raved about it and she was right. Add to suitcase!

More Must Haves

What’s your must-have in your suitcase for vacay? I’d love to know! And, of course, I’ve thrown in my fave pj’s, these no-show undies, this comfy window-seat travel pillow, and my fave on-the-go healthy snack.