Pesto Pasta

When I was in college and we wanted to cook up something special, it was almost always store-brand spaghetti noodles and Ragu sauce. Served alongside a bag of salad and Thousand Island Dressing? That was the food you served your best girlfriends when they came over to your apartment on Sunday night.

A meal like that takes minimal kitchen skills, packs maximal flavor, and shows your loves how much you care about their bellies and their smiles.

Maybe you’re like me and always excited to discover new, easy pasta dishes, that evoke that happy feeling, and don’t leave you sweating it out alone in the kitchen for hours. 

Years ago, I found a pesto pasta recipe made with avocados and I was hooked. Our family has experimented with a dozen different versions of this dish, less basil, more avocado, too much garlic, substituting limes for lemons (don’t try that, trust me), and whatever else we could think up. 

We finally concocted this version, which is quintessentially summer in a bowl.

It’s the one that my son asks for when the days grow long and the evenings are warm, and if you grow pots of basil on your patio and can’t seem to use it all? You’re set up perfectly for this recipe. That basil becomes like some delicious sacrificial offering to the fat and happy gods of pasta. 

This recipe is pretty mistake-proof. Add more or less of any of the ingredients depending on your tastebuds. The pasta shape doesn’t really matter, as long as your noodle is sturdy enough to carry a big dollop of sauce into your mouth. You don’t want to miss out on any of that big basil flavor.

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