Plant-based Mac and Cheese

You know that one dish you have that your family loves? The one that they ask you to make on a weekly basis? No? Don’t have one of those in your bag of tricks? Well girl, this just became your winning, fan-favorite, all-time best recipe!

It comes together easily, smells delicious, and gives you everything that you crave in comfort food….it’s creamy, it’s sweet and savory, it fills your belly with warmth and your heart with love. 

Sounds like a tall bill for a simple pasta dish, but I promise you that this one checks all of the boxes. 

Get ready for raving fans in your kitchen!

When you make this recipe let me know how it goes!

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  1. I know vegan dairy products have come a long way, but I have tried so many over the years that weren’t to my or my family’s taste. I would love for you to post about which cheeses are best for what given that some brands are better at melting, and when to make your own sauce as in this recipe. Also, were should I get my raw cashews for such recipes?

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