Self-care Tip of the Day: C.P.

Do you ever worry that you’re not drinking enough water? Have you seen those water bottles on Amazon that have a timer to remind you to drink water?

At my workout yesterday, the coach shared the math formula for figuring out how many ounces of water you should consume in a day. It had something to do with your weight times some fluid ounces, then factor in your activity levels, and the number of hours before your next intense workout…my brain fogged over at that point and I missed the rest.

How about a simple shortcut measure? Are you a reasonably normal, healthy person? You have one goal for the day. C.P.

Stephanie with water bottle.

What’s C.P.? It’s Clear Pee. Maybe not pretty to think about it, but the color of your urine is the best indicator of your hydration levels. You should be drinking enough so that your urine runs clear or almost clear. Doing that? Then you’re good to go. (hahaha!)

If your P. is medium yellow to brown, then get yourself to a water bottle ASAP. You, my friend, are dehydrated. That’s bad for your skin, your organs, your energy level, and your mood. 

Don’t like plain water? Fancy it up with a splash of lemon or lime juice. And pretty  bottles filled with cut fruit are lovely, but cold water with a splash of lemon juice from the giant bottle that you bought @Costco works most days.  In other words, done is better than perfect. Drink up buttercup!

*Disclaimer: If you have endocrine issues, or kidney problems, talk to your doctor. 

But for the rest of us? C.P. is the best measure of your hydration levels.  

Make friends with CP.

Be the CP…. (I’ll stop now.) 

Make sense? How much water do you drink in a day?

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