Show Up As You, Live In Your Power

It was sapphire blue and just hanging on the rack at Nordstrom one day.

Have you seen a skirt like that before? One that just makes your eyes dance and causes a smile to break out across your face?

I used to feel like I couldn’t show up in life in sequins.

Like it made me stand out too much or look like I was too frivolous.

I was taught that when you need to get something serious done, you should wear something serious.

But when I would show up in my black jacket and sensible shoes, you know what happened?

It felt stiff.

It felt constraining.

I didn’t feel like me.

But sapphire blue feels like me. And the sequins?


That is where my super-power comes from.

Show Up As You

Living in your power means showing up as your entire self. Not leaving your fire and your energy at home. And certainly not twisting yourself to someone else’s expectations of you.

Turns out sapphire is one of my WOW colors.

A color that makes you feel so good that you stand a bit taller and feel more confident when you walk into a room.

A color that actually helps you accomplish your goals.

Do you know what your WOW colors are?

Throughout my life, I’ve benefited from the wisdom and encouragement of women who helped me figure out the unwritten rules. They taught me how to cut through my confusion to affect positive change for the communities that I served.

I’m excited to pay back that love and inspiration and be that guide for other women, and help you find your joy and confidence so that you can show up for the things and the people who depend on you: your job, your volunteer shifts, and most importantly your family.

There is dignity in beauty, and as a Certified Personal Color Analyst in the Sci/ART method I’m here to help you:

Look amazing.

And feel confident.

To help you find your joy again.

Yep. Feeling confident in your own skin is a game changer! Ready to tap into your own joy?

To book an appointment to discover your WOW colors, just click the BOOK NOW button in my bio to take a peek at my calendar and find a time that works for you.

Let’s discover your WOW!

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