Staying Ahead of Sun Damage

Probably like you, I’ve used Vitamin C products for years, and the brightening effects have always pleased me, but maybe I need something with a bit more punch as I’m getting older? 

There’s been this dull look to my skin lately. Not really pale, but not really perky either. Kind of like it’s feeling meh.

The dull skin and brown spots that show up after the age of 40

Reviews of skincare products constantly have the Skinceuticals CE Ferulic serum on “best of” lists and there is a legit online cult following. 

So, I screwed up my courage to try something new and pushed down the feeling that I was cheating on my old fave Vitamin C serum that I’ve loved since 2021.

The first time I stood at my bathroom counter and patted that serum into my skin… BOOM!  I suddenly understood what the cult was raving about and now you can put my name on the wall of loyal fans. 

Kind of like Swifties, but different. 💃

On contact, my skin took up that usual brightening glow that you expect from a good-quality Vitamin C serum. But after a few days? I could tell the sun damage on my face was fading and my skin looked consistently healthier no matter the time of day, not just when I first applied it at 7 am. 

The product info says that the Vitamin C stays stable on your skin for up to 72 hours and you can believe it.

Vitamin C works so well on your skin because it neutralizes the damaging free radicals in your environment, including ozone air pollution, UV rays, and harsh weather. Those can lead to fine lines, wrinkles, and age, or sun spots.

It evens out your skin tone by slowing the production of melanin that shows up as freckles or hyperpigmentation, and at the same time fades the spots you already have. (That’s exactly what I’m seeing on my skin!)

That’s a huge perk that most Vitamin C serums brag about, but few actually deliver on. 

Now for some truth. This serum has a weird smoky scent when you first apply it. It’s not terrible, just unexpected from an elegant skincare product. 

And while it doesn’t dry my skin, it doesn’t have the luxe moisturizing feel or yummy smell of my old fave Daytime Brightening Serum

Have you tried a Vitamin C serum on your skin? Which one has earned a spot on your shelf? Share in the comments!

The Vitamin C Serum worth the hype