Meet Indiana Stella + Dot stylist Stephanie Grabow

Looking for Stella + Dot stylist or Ever skin care products near you? I serve Central Indiana and the greater Midwest. Ready to tap into your joy? I’m passionate about women’s empowerment, clean skincare tapping into your inner joy!

Stella + Dot is modern and meaningful jewelry. The custom designed pieces are all about inspiring joy and confidence.

Stella + Dot was created for and inspired by strong women and honors the women that came before us, the women who crossed oceans, rolled up their sleeves, won the vote, raised kids, went off to work and did it all with grit and grace.

I’m proud to be a Founding Ambassador with the S&D Family of Brands.

Learn about ever skin care + make up

Ready for your best skin ever?

Ever skin care and make up feature clean ingredients and clinical results. With the proprietary Ever, results are a must and good-for-you is a given. More than a beauty brand, Ever is a luxurious skin care line and make-up that delivers with no compromises.

Instead of, “does this shirt go with these pants,” it now becomes, “what does this color do for me?”

Stephanie Grabow
Owner and Color Analyst