The Style on the Streets of Paris

She stopped me in my tracks when she looked at me and said… 

“You are the epitome of Paris Girl Style today!”

I was in Scottsdale, AZ for 3 days doing VIP color analysis sessions for clients at the CUTEST boutique. 

My friend Lisa owns the shop and also has this great YouTube channel called Zero Waste Closet that you should definitely check out.

When I walked into her store that morning to get ready for our first appointments, and she proclaimed that I was now a poster girl for Parisian style, my response was to laugh and also go, “Huh?”

I mean for realllll, I’ve watched Emily in Paris. I don’t own a beret or a Hermes scarf. 

I. Do. Not. Qualify.

But, Lisa is definitely a STYLE GODDESS, so my instinct is to trust whatever she says because SHE KNOWS THINGS.

So, Paris Girl Style it is. 

Last week we took our last family vacation before school starts and we visited Paris and Barcelona. 

(In full disclosure, this girl with Paris Girl Style has never been to Paris.)

The entire time we were there, I kept looking at the women of Paris to figure out what makes the style of Parisian women so special. And I snapped lots of pics on my camera, while trying not to get caught snapping said pictures…

I mean, sure. I could Google Paris Style Inspo. But, as I tell my kid all the time…”It’s one thing to see it online, it’s another to experience it with your own senses.” (You have to imagine my mom-voice saying it while a teen rolls his eyes.)

If you dream of having your friends tell you that you’re the Poster Girl for Paris Style, here’s something I learned from watching the women of Paris.

Pair a Blazer With Everything.

Dressed up or dressed down, the women in Paris pulled every outfit together with a blazer. Here are a few to inspire you.

Style on the Streets of Paris

Feminine and fun

Feathers on pants can only mean one thing: it’s a party. Mixing in the linen blazer is the epitome of high/low dressing, then she tied it all together with the zebra print bag. Genius!

Photo by Stephanie Mannon Grabow 

Feather trimmed pants

Linen Blazer

Black tank

Black Mule

Zebra Print Bag

Rock and Roll Mom

I almost came out of my chair when this woman walked past me in dark denim paired with a rhinestone -embellished jacket. That might have been enough, but then she mixed in the ballet flats and that great tote and I wanted to run out of the cafe and give her a trophy. Or some of my croissant. 

Photo by Stephanie Mannon Grabow

LOVE Blazer

Dark Denim Jeans

Ballet Flats




This outfit is so easy to recreate and with pieces you already have in your closet. The piece you might not have? The menswear blazer thrown over her shoulders just so.

Photo by Stephanie Grabow






Feeling inspired? Which one are you going to try?