Breaking The Fashion Rules

White After Labor Day? Let’s Break Some Rules

There are So. Many. Fashion. Rules.

Maybe your stylish Aunt Barbara pushed these on you when you were a teen?

  • You can’t wear white after Labor Day.
  • Mixing patterns makes for ugly outfits.
  • Your shoes, belt, and bag should always match.
  • Redheads shouldn’t wear red.
  • Take off one accessory before leaving the house.

The time has come to break a few of these archaic rules. 

Let’s start with the whole wearing white after Labor Day thing, shall we?

White After Labor Day

Part of being a grown-ass woman is that you get to choose your own clothes. You’re making lots of other important decisions like who to vote for, and how to invest your 401k. Surely you can be trusted with choosing what color pants to wear to work on Tuesday.

Still concerned about upsetting the fashion gods?  

Here are 5 solid reasons to take the leap. You can use them to defend yourself if Aunt Barbara has a strong opinion about your newfound fashion freedom.

  1. White (or ecru, or ivory) looks chic, and sophisticated, and mixes beautifully with fall colors like chocolate, gold, and berry.  Or go bolder and mix it with 2022’s trend colors of Barbie pink, lime green, or Pacific Ocean blue. Imagine gorgeous pants in green, with a white blouse and a luscious fuzzy cardigan.
  2. Vogue Magazine, the fashion bible, is showing all white outfits to wear throughout the fall and winter. (All-white! Including shoes!) A faux fur white coat paired with a white sweater dress is a stunning combo for any occasion on your calendar. Or, even a trip to the grocery store. You do you!
  3. There’s a reason the color “winter white” exists. Because winter…and white…(shrug).

Go all in and pair a wool blazer with a winter white skirt and white boots. All the compliments will fly your way.

All White Chic

4. White jeans look so good with animal prints, that it’s almost the rule that you MUST wear white with them. Pair your leopard print sweater with your favorite white jeans and tan suede booties for an easy daytime look. The sweater and footwear provide texture, depth, and interest to your outfit, and the white adds a pop of happy optimism and brightens an otherwise dark outfit.

5. You’ve made it through a global pandemic. You get to wear whatever color you want.  It’s time to treat yourself to some joy, in the form of your best white clothes.

What fashion rules should we tackle next? Share your thoughts below!

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