PrintFresh: Would you sleep in these?

Things you can do in your pajamas:

  1. Brush your dog’s teeth 
  2. Water the flower pots on your front porch and wave to the neighbors when they walk by
  3. Make TikTok videos
  4. Sit on your kitchen counter and drink coffee
  5. Anything you damn well please

Meet PrintFresh PJs

3 years ago when we all didn’t have to get dressed for any reason, I realized that staying in my pajamas wasn’t so great because what I had was a rough looking mess of half worn-out pieces from Target with straggly strands of elastic that tickled the back of my leg at random times, paired with old stained t-shirts that I wouldn’t be seen in during daylight hours.

I was not inspired.

Pretty pajamas started to fill my IG feed, and after a few weeks I couldn’t resist the happy colors and the prints that amused that weird side of my brain. (unicorns! fruit! adorable dogs!).

Unboxing my first pair of PrintFresh pj’s, I had anxiety about the poplin fabric. Would it be comfortable enough to really sleep in? Or would it cut me in half in the middle of the night when the dog and I are fighting for prime space on the bed.

I put the pajama pants on and they initially felt a little bit stiff, but by the time I had washed my face and brushed my teeth (not the dog’s) the pajamas had found the curves of my body and settled in just perfectly. 

Today, I’m up to 3 pairs and intend to collect more. Because… happy pajamas!

Here are things I love about these pajamas:

  1. They’re cute. Like, really, really cute.
  2. I don’t get hot in the night.
  3. Also, I don’t get cold. 
  4. The more I wear them the softer they get.
  5. And more importantly, I don’t get hot.
  6. When I look at myself in the mirror I feel fun. Even when I don’t feel fun.
  7. I don’t feel weird hanging out on my front porch, running to the mailbox, or showing up on the social medias in my jams. Because…happy pajamas!

If your pajamas are ready for a happy upgrade, shop through this link to get $20 off of your first purchase. 

And let me know which ones you choose!

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